The evening dress – shine and glamour

The first thing we think about when we hear evening gowns are glamorous events, such as the Oscars, where the stars and starlets gracefully hover over the red carpet with their beautiful designer robes by Prada, Chanel or Louis Vuitton. The amazing evening dresses are as different as their proud wearers. The variety of festive dresses is so great that one’s head buzzes. There are so many different cuts, variations and other details in which they differ. What should the cleavage look like? How should the carriers be? Or is a strapless evening dress maybe better for me? Should it be long or short? How about a train? Do I want striking draping? Or should it rather be simple? And especially what colour? You look beautiful, With the choice of the perfect evening dress you can certainly spend some time. We show you how they differ, which evening gowns are available and above all which fits your figure.



Apart from the length and the glamour factor, evening dresses differ greatly in their style, styles, colours and details. There are evening dresses that are rather sexy or chic. Then there are very classic and more conservative dresses. But there is also something for the playful and romantic look. One thing you can already anticipate: The choice of evening dresses, with different details, is phenomenal. In the following we introduce you to what the evening dresses differ.

The classic evening dress is long, has the narrowest point at the waist and the skirt is cut out. However, there are other options even with long evening dresses. The Empire style, for example, features an elevated waist that sits just below the chest. The tightest part of this evening dress is under the chest and then the skirt falls fluently.


The typical evening dress is floor-length. However, there are also variations in length. There are classic short prom dresses, for example, go to the knee and have a hoop skirt. The typical short dress is not as pompous as the classic evening gown is. However, it is still happy to wear on festive occasions. A typical short dress is the shift dress. It usually has a tailored and narrower cut and is knee length. A mix of short and long is an evening dress with Vokuhila style, which is longer at the back than the front.

Very sexy are long and tight evening dresses. They are tight cut and very figure-hugging. Women with fleece should rather keep their hands off, because this dress really nothing is covered. Which evening dress suits your figure, we show you below. This black dress emphasizes the figure perfectly. It is very snug up to the knee, then continues and falls easily to the ground.


You should definitely avoid this one mistake when washing your jeans

The jeans is one of the most important pieces of clothing in our wardrobe. Whether for the party marathon on the weekend, on the date and even in the office – we carry almost no other fashion piece as often as our beloved denims.


And once we’ve found THE favourite jeans, they should of course last forever. Therefore, you should absolutely avoid a mistake when washing your jeans – and you have guaranteed him already done!

There are certainly some things that you can do wrong with the jeans care, but the biggest mistake is: to dry the jeans at high temperature in the dryer! The heat causes your jeans to run in and also the original shape is lost. That’s why you should always let your denims dry in the air.

Denim experts, such as Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh, advise never to wash his jeans , otherwise the texture and colour will be lost. But just for hygiene reasons we do not want to stick to it. Better: Wash jeans after five to ten times.

If you are worried that the colour of your jeans will fade when washing, you should first soak your jeans in a 50/50 mixture of cold water and vinegar (preferably overnight). This fixes the color and prevents early fading.

There’s no way around putting the jeans in the washing machine, turn your jeans on the left and wash them at a maximum of 30 degrees. Also, make sure not to wash more than three jeans at once – this will avoid wrinkles and streaks. And only similar shades mix with each other!

Never wring the jeans after washing. Rather, roll up the jeans tightly and squeeze out the excess water. Then lay flat on the floor to dry or hang up.

Simply Cartier: These pieces of jewelry make the ballroom sparkle

Be a princess and dance through the night on a lavish ball with the prince charming. In the next few weeks, this dream, which has probably been dreamed of millions of times, will be fulfilled again by the Semperopernball in Dresden or the Vienna Opera Ball once again, and in the rolling waltz step the dance floors will fill up and empty again only in the early morning hours. In addition to strict dress code – men are allowed to enter the hall only in tails and bow ties, ladies only with a long and possibly not skin-tight ball gown – it will sparkle and sparkle again, what give the Cartier jewellery box just like that.


That diamonds are for eternity, we do not know only since the eponymous James Bond diamond hunt. jewellery adorned with diamonds not only makes women’s hearts beat faster with its unsurpassed sparkle, but is also an everlasting investment. On the occasion of the upcoming ball season, the traditional jeweller Cartier, who has stood for exclusive elegance and luxury since the 19th century, put together the most beautiful pieces that eclipse every glamorous ball gown. Filigree earrings and Chandelliers that will sparkle like stars in the spotlight, cocktail rings with impressive stones reminiscent of a shell from the South Seas, and necklaces or necklaces that draw everyone’s attention.

Of course, the traditional house of Cartier has come up with something. Because what is more terrible than destroying the most elegant look by carrying around with you a smartphone or similar? The Cartier Evening Bags made of red calfskin or gold-coloured goatskin with golden sparkling clasp offer all belongings an exclusive dwelling in which the lipstick will find its place.

Will Donatella Versace bring the thong back into fashion?

The Logo Mania has been back in the fashion industry for some time. What was frowned upon in the course of minimalism is now socially acceptable again: striking logo prints, which are clearly visible on t-shirts and thus declare the era of elegant understatement to be over. What’s new now? The underwear was previously sporty panties or panties. Now, however, Donatella Versace has called a new dimension in the logo hype for her Versus show at the London Fashion Week : she brought the Tanga back onto the catwalk with her latest Fall / Winter 2017 collection!


The printed with Versus logo waistband flashed in the form of thongs over the waist-deep pants and skirts of the models out. What was hip at the beginning of the 2000s seems to be returning now: pants cut to the waist, sitting so low that the thong is visible.

Whether the trend prevails? If you believe the trend creation model, which says that every trend is following a counter-trend, it would be quite possible.

After lately the shoulder and the back were increasingly in the spotlight after the décolleté thanks to off-shoulder and backless tops , it could well be the hip again. So girls rummages the old Miss Sixtys out of the closet and practicing the hip bone advance.

Anyone who would like to take part in the Versus Versace logo trend by the way, but would rather not show his underwear, can look back on an alternative: Donatella also showed chokers on the catwalk , ie tightly fitting logo bands on the neck.

So you make a beautiful figure on your most important day

Sounds like good proportions! But what does that mean in relation to my beautiful wedding dresses? Basically, it is important not to bring the figure shape out of balance. So stay away from exaggerated details that emphasize only one part of the body. The only exceptions are ruffle flounces that go from the neckline to the skirt hem as they emphasize the breasts and waist optimally.


Just sit up. How about an extravagant updo, this is worked up and stretches visually and cheats you so a few extra inches to it. Of course, a beautiful headdress with lush volume is also possible, so you can optically gain in size!

Fishtail lines just look totally sexy! While the upper body, waist, hips and thighs are gently entangled by the soft fabric and thus gently emphasize all positive aspects of the figure, the so-called “fishtail” ensures the optical length. As a fish tail, the flowing train is called, he stretches again in addition and makes smaller women look a little bigger.


The dream of every woman! Because she brings all female curves in their ideal form. Particularly well it fits the petite and small figure type. Here is a slim cut that ends in a flared hem.

Longer legs can be achieved with a higher waist, classic for this are the Empire lines they visually stretch. Empire dresses have flowing light fabric that gently and softly plays around the body. Important here is that the narrow shape is maintained, because only that underlines the delicate figure of the beautiful bride.

Bumpy details and draping make you broader when you’re petite and small! However, your silhouette should be stretched rather visually and not be widened unnecessarily.

This is what you need to know about wedding dresses. When buying the outfits always make sure that you purchase from a reputable store. Just like a brand with name Chicregina, which offer a wide collection of dresses to make you more beautiful and charming.

Attention: These are the 4 most important shoes of the season

Currently the hippest of the hippest? Mules – or Mules called. This refers to slippers. Characteristic: free heel. Flat or with heels? No matter, with no model you do something wrong this season.


The fanciest option for eg the Sunday brunch with the parents or an aperitif with your girls: mules with block heel. Big plus: They are still comfortable.

Hybrid of girlish and sexy: lace-up pumps. Color: red, what else! Because red shoes are the latest craze in fashion circles this season. Granted, they are a styling challenge, after all, they always signal: “Here I am!”


Therefore keep the rest of the outfit reduced. The combination with white and baby pink looks especially classy. The next cocktail party can come!

Sure, an office look should be grown up and serious. How to still and simply give a twist to the old office outfit?

In the trendy metallic look, a cool alternative to the otherwise classic, smooth slippers.

A must in every shoe cabinet: the good old Loafers. New: in a metallic look.

Turn any everyday outfit into hip and cool, but never look over-styled. Perfect for a shopping day in the city or a trip to the outdoors.

Powerful and shiny hair with scrub shampoos

Like right now? You do not know what a scrub shampoo is? Well, the new beauty trend for visibly more beautiful hair! We’ll tell you how it works, what it does, and how to use it properly.

Women's hair

Sure, you know a facial scrub. It’s a cleanser that contains tiny particles that you can use to remove dirt and dander. And that’s exactly what’s up for your head. Exfoliating shampoos contain cleansing particles that help you to thoroughly cleanse your hair and scalp and remove any residue safely.

An exfoliating shampoo, on the other hand, is not only free of silicones, it contains active ingredients that break them down and remove them.The cleaning particles in turn not only remove dandruff very thoroughly. Above all, they rough your hair easily and give them the opportunity again to be able to absorb plenty of nourishing substances.

First, it is important that you gently massage the shampoo. In no case may you rub, because that would strain the scalp and hair too much. Then let the shampoo work for three to five minutes, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Please also note that a scrub shampoo is not a substitute for your regular shampoo. If you applied it daily, it would roughen your hair so much that it loses its structure and becomes completely powerless.

If you are already tinting your hair, then you should rather do without an exfoliating shampoo. At least if you are satisfied with your current colour. In fact, the deep cleansing of the hair cleans so thoroughly that it even rinses away some of the paint particles. Your tint would be a few shades lighter after washing.