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Training and Eating Right

One of the biggest things I think people don’t seem to get when it comes to eating habits is:

  1. How much work it really takes to improve them.
  2. There’s not one single “cookie cutter” thing you can do.

Sometimes the hardest part of my training is my diet. And I don’t just mean avoiding the junk food. That stuff I find easy. Once I’m in that training mindset I don’t have the urge for junk food and fizzy drinks.


I feel that hunger. I feel that urge to push myself every. Single. Day.

What I do have a problem with is making sure that I’m hitting all those key points. Getting the measurements right. Getting the nutrition right. Eating at the right times. Avoiding empty carbs is the big thing for me. And I’m still very bad at preparing meals ahead of time which means I’m constantly on the back foot trying to catch up and eat proper meals. This means I end up eating quick and easy meals which means preservatives and that means less nutrition.

Innocent Smoothies are a good example.


They’re packaged and sold as a healthy alternative. There’s a lot of sugar but that’s a fruit smoothie there’s always sugar. That’s the defence the company makes anyway. The problem is normally there’s plenty of fibre in with that sugar which helps you put it to some good use. These things are so packed with preservatives though that goes out of the window straight away. Straight away. They’re still probably better than drinking a bottle of coke or beer but that’s not exactly saying much.

If you want a healthy smoothie then you have to be putting the right stuff into it. Not just the fruit that tastes good. Get some Kayle in there. Get some beetroot. And you need to be taking fresh fruit and veg and putting it into a smoothie – not a juicer.

My diet always changes. If I’m training I want to train heavy. I need all those carbs. If I’m performing I need to go light. I need to feel quick and agile but I still need that energy. I still need the nutrition. It’s a fine line to walk. Not an easy one but I’m slowly getting better.