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Technology in Training

You know what I did before I dedicated my life to football and driving myself?

I programmed. I read. I played chess. I spent a lot of time in school taking crap from the guys who played football because I was interested in breaking down the numbers. I wanted to see the patterns and understand the logic and reasoning behind something.

working technology

The same holds true for my training. I want to understand the reasoning. If I’m making gains I need to know why. If I’m falling behind I want to know what is causing it. What’s working for me on the strong days what was the pattern behind the two weak days this week?

So I geek out in my training. I’ve had people try to give me crap in the gym for sitting with a pencil and paper but I outperform them. Not that it’s a race or a competition with people I don’t know in a gym. But there’s a reason I outperform them.

But I’ve moved on from a pad and some paper. Technology drives me now. I used to hire coaches to tell me what to do and when to do it. For sport specific stuff and physios this is still the case but maybe at some point computers and technology will catch up on them too.

There are two parts to my training. The technology and devices available are much better for anything cardio related. The heart race monitor I wear hooks directly up to my phone and tells me when I’m slacking off. I don’t personally need the GPS and step tracking stuff although I know it works as a good motivator for some but the automating timers are a useful indicator of how I’m performing that day.

For strength the choices are a lot slimmer. The Beast Sensor was the closest thing to looking useful but honestly? While the adverts look great for it the actual hardware falls short. It looks a bit like the engineers behind it and the marketers promoting it didn’t really get on too much. One sensor is just not capable of picking up that much information. Again it might help people just getting started if it gives them a rough idea of what they’re doing each day. But the hardware just isn’t there to deliver on the claims it makes. And this isn’t just my opinion.

The hear rate monitor still helps give a rough idea when I’m performing as I should be. And I might use a spreadsheet instead of a pen and paper but the best thing I do is still just keep track myself. I know my own body more than electronics and sensors ever can. I know when I was capable of finishing my set and when I pushed it as far as I could go.