The evening dress – shine and glamour

The first thing we think about when we hear evening gowns are glamorous events, such as the Oscars, where the stars and starlets gracefully hover over the red carpet with their beautiful designer robes by Prada, Chanel or Louis Vuitton. The amazing evening dresses are as different as their proud wearers. The variety of festive dresses is so great that one’s head buzzes. There are so many different cuts, variations and other details in which they differ. What should the cleavage look like? How should the carriers be? Or is a strapless evening dress maybe better for me? Should it be long or short? How about a train? Do I want striking draping? Or should it rather be simple? And especially what colour? You look beautiful, With the choice of the perfect evening dress you can certainly spend some time. We show you how they differ, which evening gowns are available and above all which fits your figure.



Apart from the length and the glamour factor, evening dresses differ greatly in their style, styles, colours and details. There are evening dresses that are rather sexy or chic. Then there are very classic and more conservative dresses. But there is also something for the playful and romantic look. One thing you can already anticipate: The choice of evening dresses, with different details, is phenomenal. In the following we introduce you to what the evening dresses differ.

The classic evening dress is long, has the narrowest point at the waist and the skirt is cut out. However, there are other options even with long evening dresses. The Empire style, for example, features an elevated waist that sits just below the chest. The tightest part of this evening dress is under the chest and then the skirt falls fluently.


The typical evening dress is floor-length. However, there are also variations in length. There are classic short prom dresses, for example, go to the knee and have a hoop skirt. The typical short dress is not as pompous as the classic evening gown is. However, it is still happy to wear on festive occasions. A typical short dress is the shift dress. It usually has a tailored and narrower cut and is knee length. A mix of short and long is an evening dress with Vokuhila style, which is longer at the back than the front.

Very sexy are long and tight evening dresses. They are tight cut and very figure-hugging. Women with fleece should rather keep their hands off, because this dress really nothing is covered. Which evening dress suits your figure, we show you below. This black dress emphasizes the figure perfectly. It is very snug up to the knee, then continues and falls easily to the ground.