You should definitely avoid this one mistake when washing your jeans

The jeans is one of the most important pieces of clothing in our wardrobe. Whether for the party marathon on the weekend, on the date and even in the office – we carry almost no other fashion piece as often as our beloved denims.


And once we’ve found THE favourite jeans, they should of course last forever. Therefore, you should absolutely avoid a mistake when washing your jeans – and you have guaranteed him already done!

There are certainly some things that you can do wrong with the jeans care, but the biggest mistake is: to dry the jeans at high temperature in the dryer! The heat causes your jeans to run in and also the original shape is lost. That’s why you should always let your denims dry in the air.

Denim experts, such as Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh, advise never to wash his jeans , otherwise the texture and colour will be lost. But just for hygiene reasons we do not want to stick to it. Better: Wash jeans after five to ten times.

If you are worried that the colour of your jeans will fade when washing, you should first soak your jeans in a 50/50 mixture of cold water and vinegar (preferably overnight). This fixes the color and prevents early fading.

There’s no way around putting the jeans in the washing machine, turn your jeans on the left and wash them at a maximum of 30 degrees. Also, make sure not to wash more than three jeans at once – this will avoid wrinkles and streaks. And only similar shades mix with each other!

Never wring the jeans after washing. Rather, roll up the jeans tightly and squeeze out the excess water. Then lay flat on the floor to dry or hang up.