Simply Cartier: These pieces of jewelry make the ballroom sparkle

Be a princess and dance through the night on a lavish ball with the prince charming. In the next few weeks, this dream, which has probably been dreamed of millions of times, will be fulfilled again by the Semperopernball in Dresden or the Vienna Opera Ball once again, and in the rolling waltz step the dance floors will fill up and empty again only in the early morning hours.┬áIn addition to strict dress code – men are allowed to enter the hall only in tails and bow ties, ladies only with a long and possibly not skin-tight ball gown – it will sparkle and sparkle again, what give the Cartier jewellery box just like that.


That diamonds are for eternity, we do not know only since the eponymous James Bond diamond hunt. jewellery adorned with diamonds not only makes women’s hearts beat faster with its unsurpassed sparkle, but is also an everlasting investment. On the occasion of the upcoming ball season, the traditional jeweller Cartier, who has stood for exclusive elegance and luxury since the 19th century, put together the most beautiful pieces that eclipse every glamorous ball gown. Filigree earrings and Chandelliers that will sparkle like stars in the spotlight, cocktail rings with impressive stones reminiscent of a shell from the South Seas, and necklaces or necklaces that draw everyone’s attention.

Of course, the traditional house of Cartier has come up with something. Because what is more terrible than destroying the most elegant look by carrying around with you a smartphone or similar? The Cartier Evening Bags made of red calfskin or gold-coloured goatskin with golden sparkling clasp offer all belongings an exclusive dwelling in which the lipstick will find its place.

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