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The Hero In You Not New Years

I don’t do new years.

The first of January is just another date on the calendar for me. I don’t say this to be some kind of edgy character. I know a girl who refuses to talk to anyone over Christmas because it’s a “quirk” of hers. I say it because I 100% believe it is a waste of time. If you have a a passion for something. A dedication. A motivation. The only way you get anything out of that is with obsession. Obsession to be the best, do the best and do it every single day.

Without that obsession you have nothing. No amount of training, skill or natural talent is going to be enough. No amount of great ideas is going to cut it. The ones who make it are obsessed by it. Driven by it. Motivated by it alone.

Don’t get me wrong. I like videos like this. I don’t rely on motivation. Motivation is too fleeting I rely on sheer, hard discipline and determination. I motivate myself by being die hard determined that I’m going to make my own reality.

And new years presents this idea to people. The idea that things are going to change. That somehow everything is going to get better. This article on procrastination by the NY Times has stuck with me for the entire year as exactly the problem with people. They try to justify a problem. You’re not procrastinating you’re “letting the idea sit” and in the new year it’ll be a new you so you can start the diet then.

I’m not even bothered by the fact people use it as an excuse to drink and party too much. If you’re going to do that then you’re going to do it anyway regardless of the date on the calendar. We just find it more socially acceptable to be slurring your speech on certain times of the year.

And I have no problem with this.

I don’t judge people for what they want to do with their spare time. Your life is yours just as my life is mine. I’m not doing things better or worse than you I’m just doing things differently.

I didn’t spend new years drinking – I spend it training. Right up until about 10PM I was in the gym. I crawled out of there after giving it my all like I do any other day. And you know what I did New Years Day? I was out in the field from first sun up.

And that’s my choice. My dedication. It doesn’t place me above or below you for whatever you did with your weekend.

What does get under my skin is letting it dictate your life. I had people tell me they wanted to start training. They wanted to do something different. They wanted to make that next level. And they were going to start – in the new year.


They looked at me like I had two heads when I asked that question. When you think about it the new years is an arbitrary date. Nothing is going to change. It’s not going to be easier then. It’s actually going to be harder. Every moment you leave it the harder it will become. Not to mention that studies have already shown us after a festive period we feel diminished by going back to everyday life. I was elated during that season I had more free time to spend doing what I wanted and I made full use of it.

I came off my last injury around December 15th. My ACL in my knee was injured and the rotator cuff in both shoulders needs some serious attention. But I was able to get back into it with plenty of prehab and effort. I spend most mornings up before anyone having to work prehab training things just to get them to the point where they won’t get injured. And I started doing this on the morning of the 15th as soon as I got the all clear.

This blog. This project is starting for the new year. I want you to watch this kind of video if you it to get motivated. I want you to learn the skill it takes to drive yourself forward when everything else is saying stop.

And I want you to be here next December 15th. That’s fine you do whatever you want on New Years just make sure you’re doing it on your rest day because the rest of that week is booked.