Will Donatella Versace bring the thong back into fashion?

The Logo Mania has been back in the fashion industry for some time. What was frowned upon in the course of minimalism is now socially acceptable again: striking logo prints, which are clearly visible on t-shirts and thus declare the era of elegant understatement to be over. What’s new now? The underwear was previously sporty panties or panties. Now, however, Donatella Versace has called a new dimension in the logo hype for her Versus show at the London Fashion Week : she brought the Tanga back onto the catwalk with her latest Fall / Winter 2017 collection!


The printed with Versus logo waistband flashed in the form of thongs over the waist-deep pants and skirts of the models out. What was hip at the beginning of the 2000s seems to be returning now: pants cut to the waist, sitting so low that the thong is visible.

Whether the trend prevails? If you believe the trend creation model, which says that every trend is following a counter-trend, it would be quite possible.

After lately the shoulder and the back were increasingly in the spotlight after the décolleté thanks to off-shoulder and backless tops , it could well be the hip again. So girls rummages the old Miss Sixtys out of the closet and practicing the hip bone advance.

Anyone who would like to take part in the Versus Versace logo trend by the way, but would rather not show his underwear, can look back on an alternative: Donatella also showed chokers on the catwalk , ie tightly fitting logo bands on the neck.

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