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Wireless Booster and a Pulley

So what did Santa bring me this year? A wireless booster and a pulley. Not quite a partridge in a pear tree but I doubt there’s much protein on those anyway.

Seems like a strange mix but I haven’t been this excited for anything to come through the post in a while. I’ve already said by bit on  technology and training and by having the equipment to train better it means I perform better.

The Pulley

building pulley

Nothing fancy. Simple bit of steel, decent size. I might need to explain a little bit of the logic behind it though. For certain things I’m doing I need to add weight. I really need to get the strain going so I might use a vest or occasionally just hang bars from my harness. The pulley is basically the opposite of that it will take weight off instead of putting it on. While pulling up for example it will lower weights meaning I have less to deal with. Not normally what I want.

In specific circumstances though this makes a huge difference. In my case I’m going for the one arm pull-ups. I know I just ranted against new years a few days ago and I don’t do the whole new years resolution thing. But as a completely arbitrary time frame I want to be able to do them by the end of 2017 and working them normally is a nightmare. And I mean a proper nightmare. Entirely possible but my goal is to be fast and efficient. Not slow because I couldn’t spring $10 for a pulley. Took a bit of a weird setup to get it on my door frame and the landlord might not be too happy if it ends up causing damage but I’m already able to get started and all I do now is keep reducing weight until I can put the pulley away.

A team mate of mine does a similar thing with bands but I want to relax my other arm each time and the band still has it working so this takes a bit more setting up but it’ll be worthwhile I think.

The Wireless Booster

I mentioned I like to geek out with my training right? Well nothing quite has me geeking out like a new piece of hardware. I started keeping my logs and storing everything basically online. It was great because I could access it from anywhere from my phone to my desktop but I couldn’t get a wireless internet signal to my shed which meant I had to write everything down and enter it again online when I got back inside.

I can’t even use my phone data signal it’s just a wireless black hole out there. Cool in the winter though I just can’t give that up.

wireless booster

For a few minutes I had considered trying to reach an ethernet cable from the shed to my house but that was out of the question. Even if I crimped together the longest cable in the world and it managed to survive the foxes and whatever else goes through my garden there is no chance I’d be allowed to do it. :p I tried moving the wireless router closer to the window heck I even tried fashioning a wireless antenna out of some aluminium foil and directing the antenna signal towards the shed. Believe it or not if nothing got moved this did actually help a little but it wasn’t enough to make a difference so I added a range extender to my Christmas list.

I found this cool WiFi booster idea which mirrors your wireless network and you can then connect to that device. They did have specific models for outdoor repeaters which I could of placed in the garden but they did cost more. I settled on a high strength wireless booster with a directional antenna. It looked a little sleeker than my attempt with the tin foil and it really did the trick. I was able to put it up in the attic where it still got a connection to my router and then point it down at the shed where I get full signal.

Being able to connect to the internet means I can track everything and (god yes) it means I get back on Spotify in there. It also doesn’t hurt to have some YouTube videos to fall back on for technique if I’m doing anything I’m rusty on.