So you make a beautiful figure on your most important day

Sounds like good proportions! But what does that mean in relation to my beautiful wedding dresses? Basically, it is important not to bring the figure shape out of balance. So stay away from exaggerated details that emphasize only one part of the body. The only exceptions are ruffle flounces that go from the neckline to the skirt hem as they emphasize the breasts and waist optimally.


Just sit up. How about an extravagant updo, this is worked up and stretches visually and cheats you so a few extra inches to it. Of course, a beautiful headdress with lush volume is also possible, so you can optically gain in size!

Fishtail lines just look totally sexy! While the upper body, waist, hips and thighs are gently entangled by the soft fabric and thus gently emphasize all positive aspects of the figure, the so-called “fishtail” ensures the optical length. As a fish tail, the flowing train is called, he stretches again in addition and makes smaller women look a little bigger.


The dream of every woman! Because she brings all female curves in their ideal form. Particularly well it fits the petite and small figure type. Here is a slim cut that ends in a flared hem.

Longer legs can be achieved with a higher waist, classic for this are the Empire lines they visually stretch. Empire dresses have flowing light fabric that gently and softly plays around the body. Important here is that the narrow shape is maintained, because only that underlines the delicate figure of the beautiful bride.

Bumpy details and draping make you broader when you’re petite and small! However, your silhouette should be stretched rather visually and not be widened unnecessarily.

This is what you need to know about wedding dresses. When buying the outfits always make sure that you purchase from a reputable store. Just like a brand with name Chicregina, which offer a wide collection of dresses to make you more beautiful and charming.